Restoration of Menjur Lake


Our 1st project is to rejuvenating anon-functional contaminated lake located in Meenjur- 30Kms from Chennai, India. Around 35 people (social activists) have worked in the project. Following activities are done

05 March 2017:  Removal of Contaminants from the site and removal of invasive trees (Prosopisjuliflora- சீமைகருவேலம்)

11 – 14 March 2017: Deepening and protecting the banks of the lake

26 March 2017: Fencing perimeter of the lake and plantation around the perimeter to prevent erosion and stabilize the soil.

Team Conserve, funded the project as a part of our CSR initiative.

The complete project was planned and executed successfully by ‘Save Farmers’ a volunteering group in India. Our sincere acknowledgements to all the volunteers who participated in the project. Our special thanks to Mr. Rajesh, Mr.Aadhavan& other admins, who took the lead in successful execution of the project.

Picture 1: Contaminated lake before restoration and while work in progress

social services

Picture 2: Rejuvenated Lake

heliping people

Picture 3: Honour from Save Farmers

social service

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