Revit MEP Training Course and Certification

The BIM workflow offered by using Revit MEP helps to streamlining the complex building service systems to be accurately designed and documented in a shorter time.

Conserve offers Comprehensive & Interactive Revit MEP Course in Trichy and Chennai, India

Revit MEP Course Objective:

Revit mep certification course qatar

Revit MEP Training Courses Qatar

The objective of the course is to convert a fresh MEP Engineer into BIM MODELER

Learning Objective:

At the end of the course a candidate shell be able to

  • perform 3D modeling and as well as design
  • perform revit drafting associated with MEP design.
  • perform estimation & documentation for project.

Course Duration: 18 hours(6 days)

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    1. MEP Design
    2. Graphical User Interface
    3. File Types
    4. Opening a Revit Project
    5. Understanding 2D and 3D Model
  • Chapter 2: Starting a Project
    1. Basic Modify Tools
    2. Link Revit
    3. Link CAD
    4. Copy/Moniter
    5. Shedules
  • Chapter 3: Mechanical Design
    1. Space Modeling
    2. Zones
    3. Heating and Cooling Load Analysis
    4. Reports
    5. Mechanical Setting
    6. Air Terminal and Mechanical Euipment
    7. Mechanical System and Duct Work
    8. Automatic Duct Layout
    9. Duct Sizing
    10. Checking Systems
    11. System Inspector
  • Chapter 4: Electrical Design
    1. Electrical Design
    2. Spaces and Lighting
    3. Lighting Analysis
    4. Lighting Fixtures and Electrical Equipments
    5. Electrical Settings
    6. Creating Circuits
    7. Creating Fire Alarm System
    8. Creating Power Distribution Systems
    9. Modeling Conduits and Cable Tray
  • Chapter 5: Plumbing Design
    1. Plumbing Systems
    2. Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories
    3. Pipes and Pipe Fittings
    4. Modeling Domestic water supply
    5. Modeling Sanitary systems
    6. Fire Fighting systems
  • Chapter 6: Views
    1. Controlling Visibility
    2. Filters
    3. System Browser
    4. Graphic Overrides
    5. view Templates
    6. Section
    7. Section Box
    8. Callout
  • Chapter 7: Work Sharing
    1. Creating central file
    2. Creating Local File
    3. Understanding worksets
    4. Synchronization
  • Chapter 8: Detailing
    1. Line styles
    2. Regions
    3. Detail Component
    4. Drafting Views
    5. Annotations and Tags
    6. Legends
  • Chapter 9: Documentation
    1. Title Block
    2. Sheet Creation
    3. Placing Views
    4. Revisions
    5. Plot
  • Chapter 10: Family Creation
    1. Understanding Revit  Elements
    2. Family Templates
    3. Solid Modeling
    4. Parameters and Constraints
    5. Creating Mechanical Components
    6. Creating Electrical Components
    7. Creating Plumbing Components

Mr.S.Thoufique Masthan Bava is an official Autodesk Certified Professional trainer. He has completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical from Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College in 2015 and has one year of experience in MEP field.  He has 3 years of experience in AutoCAD, REVIT MEP and has trained more than 300 students. He has good proficiency in HVAC and successfully trained nearly 50 members. He trains his students in a more practical way with hands-on experience in real time projects of us.  

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