Revit Architecture Design Software Course

The BIM workflow offered by using Revit architecture to learn and design with both parametric 3D modeling and 2D drafting elements.

Conserve offers Comprehensive & Interactive Revit Architecture Course in Trichy and Chennai, India

Revit Architecture Training Course Objective:

Revit Architecture Training Course Qatar

Revit Architecture Design Courses Qatar

Revit allows you to design and document a virtual representation of your project with both parametric 3D modeling and 2D drafting elements. Revit Architecture is an integrated architectural design and documentation environment.

Learning Objective

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe building information modeling, bidirectional associativity, and parametric relationship in revit.
  • Understand the user interface, parametric objects, and families, and start projects using templates.
  • Create and modify levels and grids.
  • Create a basic floor plan, add and modify walls and compound walls, use editing tools, and work with doors and windows.
  • Work with component families.
  • Duplicate and manage views, control object visibility in views, and create elevation, section, and 3D views.
  • Learn how to use dimensions and constraints.
  • Create floors and ceilings, add roofs and curtain walls and work with stairs and railings in building model.
  • Create callout views.
  • create schedules, legends and keynotes.
  • Works with walkthrough , shadow settings , drawing sheets ,title blocks and rendering.

    Course Duration: 42 hours( 14 days)

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    1. Introduction About BIM.
    2. Revit File Types
    3. User Interface
    4. Building Elements
  • Chapter 2: Building components
    1. Drawing Tools
    2. Levels
    3. Grids
    4. Walls
    5. Doors
    6. Windows
  • Chapter 3: Model
    1. Modification tools
    2. Floor
    3. Ceiling
    4. Components
    5. Roof
    6. Curtain Walls
  • Chapter 4: Circulation
    1. Stairs
    2. Ramp
    3. Railings
    4. Massing and Site
  • Chapter 5: Visibility graphics
  • Chapter 6: Annotation
    1. Text
    2. Tag
    3. Callout Views
    4. Detailing
  • Chapter 7: Room and area
    1. Schedules
    2. Rooms
    3. Area
    4. Colour Scheme
    5. Legends
  • Chapter 8: Sheet settings
    1. Sheets
    2. Print
    3. Lights
  • Chapter 9: Material
    1. Sun Settings
    2. Rendering
    3. Walkthrough
    4. Solar Study
  • Chapter 10: Link Revit
    1. Working With Linked Models
    2. Import/Link CAD
    3. Export
    4. Sheet Settings @ Layouts
  • Chapter 11: Family Creation
    1. Doors
    2. Windows
    3. Furniture
    4. Lights
    5. Face Based Family
    6. Custom Staircase.

Mr.D.Aswin Kumar is an official Autodesk Certified Professional trainer. He has completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Civil from Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College in 2015 and has one year of experience in MEP field.  He has 3 years of experience in AutoCAD, REVIT Architecture and have trained more than 150 students. He is also an expertise especially in Plumbing & Firefighting in MEP services. He trains his students in a more practical way with hands-on experience in real time projects of us.

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