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Course Objective:

Our core focus is

  • To bring students over the beginner’s threshold to a basic understanding of the use, terminology, and potential of
    basic electronic circuits and micro controller programming
  • To apply the learned methodologies on the projects of their choice
  • To identify opportunities for using embedded computation
  • To write simple real-time programs for the innovative concepts and application.
  • To design and construct a simple autonomous physical artifact, combining a sensor, actuator, and computational behavior


Learning  Objective:
  • Students can able to solve the real-world Problem using the electronics sensor, micro controller and programming.
  • They can think and identify the existing Electronics Products and gadgets.
  • They can Design their own sensors and Actuators based on their problem statement and use cases.
  • They can also choose and design their various Power supply for their corresponding needs
  • Students can able to apply wired and wireless protocols and they can solve the problems using those technologies
  • They can also understand the role of hardware part and software part separately


Eligibility : Students above 10 years

Course Levels:

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advance


Course Duration: 50 hours

  • Chapter 1:
    1. Introduction to microcontroller
    2. Arduino uno
    3. Pin Configeration Of UNO
    4. Arduino Mega
    5. Pin Configeration Of Mega
    6. Introduction to Arduino Software
    7. Setup your computer to use arduino
  • Chapter 2:
    1. Ohms law
    2. Voltage Divider Rule
    3. Current Divider Rule
    4. Challenges from Basic Laws
    5. Introduction to Bread Board
    6. Discrete Electronics Components
    7. Testing and Debugging of Discrete Components
    8. Power Supply Design using Regulators
    9. Multimeter Handling
  • Chapter 3:
    1. Interfacing LED with Arduino
    2. challenge 1: blink an led
    3. challenge 2: blink two led`s
    4. challenge 3: blink three led’s
    5. challenge 3: fade an led for the given time
    6. challenge 4: blink an led as previous but with loop
  • Chapter 4:
    1. challenge 1: switch controlled led using pull down switch
    2. challenge 2: repeat the same for the pull up circuit
  • Chapter 5:
    1. Introduction to Serial Monitor
    2. challenge 1: reading analog and digital inputs
  • Chapter 6:
    1. Sensors and Drivers with Arduino
    2. Ultrasonic Sensor
    3. l293d
    4. IR sensor
  • Chapter 7:
    1. Basic Components to Build a Robot
    2. Obstrucle avoider Robot Design
    3. Line Follower
    4. Node Detectionand Node Counting
  • Chapter 8:
    1. Introduction to Internet of things
    2. Introducing Microcontroller with Wi-Fi
    3. Introduction to third party clouds
    4. Introduction to analog pins, digital pins & virtual pins
    5. Control LED using mobile phone
    6. Controlling robots with android application using IOT
  • Students challenges:
    1. Student's challenge 1: Interface sensors to monitor the sensor data in mobile phone
    2. Student's challenge 2: Control servo motors using mobile phone with IOT
  • Chapter 9
    1. Project development
    2. Project 1: Design and implementation of IR remote controlled robot
    3. Project 2: Design and implementation of wireless RF robot

Start date: 20-5-2019

Duration: 50 hours


No. 2, Ganapathy Nagar,Periyar Nagar Bus Stop (opp to GVN Hospital)
Mambalasalai, Thiruvanaikoil,
Srirangam, Tiruchirappalli,
Tamil Nadu - 620005

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