Providing safe potable water for a rural village in India


Kurampalayam village is a small village with a population of around 1000 heads located 17 kms from Coimbatore, India. The people of kurampalayam have to travel for 3 kms to fetch drinking water. Alternatively they can use contaminated water from the pond. There was an existing non functional bore which is 15 years old. The people of Kuramplayam were badly in need of safe drinking water.

‘Save Farmers’ a volunteering group in India have decided to arrange good drinking water within the village by providing the bore/drill (with a depth of appro. 150 feet) at new location where there is good quality water source available and to install a pump.

Team Conserve, funded the project as a part of our CSR initiative.

The complete project was planned and executed successfully by ‘Save Farmers’ a volunteering group in India. Our sincere acknowledgements to all the volunteers who participated in the project. Our special thanks to Mr. Rajesh, Mr.Aadhavan& other admins, who took the lead in successful execution of the project.

While drilling /boring activity was carried out through water boring machine

heliping people

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