Inspiring story from office boy to 3D Laser Scanning/Survey Technician – Leading without a Title


We intend this series of articles to share our interesting experiences, lessons learned, case studies, etc. from our Laser Scanning division. There is no better way than starting this with an inspiring story of our colleague Jitendra Kumar Sahani (Jithu). Jithu joined us in May 2018 as an office support staff wasn’t coherent with our team in early days. After discussions by our HR we found that he has good academic records. We motivated him to learn computer skills apart from his daily tasks. He started learning computer software & hardware installations assisting our IT manager. Eventually he became an IT-cum-Office support stuff and a go-to-guy whenever our system hassles between tight submission schedules.

When we took-up the huge task of laser scanning for the Greenline metro network (Tunnels & Stations), we were in need of a reliant task force to complete the job. Along with our young vibrant team, Jithu voluntarily took-up the role of supporting Scanning engineers after his work hours in the evening. Stimulated by his curiosity he got well-versed in handling the equipment and scanning even critical spaces. So, it was the time to do our part. We have promoted him as full time IT support-cum-Scanning engineer after completing the Laser scanning training course from our own @Conserve Academy. Now he is busy converting construction/operational sites into as-built data and he knows we will always be there to mentor his further career moves.

To conclude this, let us hear from Jithu himself (Translated): “I came here young with least expectations about my career. But the environment and acceptance I received in Conserve, inspired me to learn and grow. Whenever I showed interest to learn something, there was someone to help and guide me. I am looking forward to become a complete Survey & Scanning professional”

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