110. Which of the following is considered wet waste?
1. How does VFD in AHU assists in buildings?
2. What is the minimum number of project meetings among multi-disciplinary team members required to qualify for compliance under Integrative Design?
3. Which of the following is the phenomenon of storm water creating excessive richness in nutrients?
4. Buildings with over 20,000 sq. M built-up area are required to submit which of the following for construction approval?
5. What refers Nocturnal Ecosystem?
6. Which of the following is the biggest cause of sedimentation?
7. Which of the following materials are not considered in the developmental credit optimization in structural design?
8. What is the primary purpose of introducing developmental credits?
9. What is the minimum required reduction % of potable water use in water use reduction for construction in the innovation in design category?
10. What is the duration spent in a building for an occupant to be considered as 1 Full Time Equivalent (FTE)?
11. Which of the following is not a criterion for the credit innovation in design?
12. What depth of the ground water table can exempt the project from the rain water harvesting mandatory requirement?
13. How does rainfall volume affect rainwater harvesting requirement?
14. What is the unit of runoff coefficient?
15. What is not a function of water metering?
16. Which of the following species is not preferred in landscaping?
17. How Green buildings can reduce water consumption?
18. Which of the following is least detrimental to the ozone layer?
19. Which of the following has generally been used in fire suppression systems?
20. How does SHGC relate to shading ability?
21. What is not a primary function of wastewater treatment and reuse?
22. How Solar gain can be reduced by
23. What is the quantity of generated electricity required for the issue of a renewable energy certificate? (REC)
24. What Contract with off-site renewable energy, developer to generate energy shall be for:
25. Which of the following is a computer-based control system to control and monitor building’s HVAC equipment, fire systems, power systems and security systems?
26. What is green power?
27. Which of the following is not a feature of indoor environmental quality?
28. Which body addresses tobacco smoke control?
29. What is the pressure to be maintained in smoking rooms?
30. What is the maximum differential carbon dioxide level to be maintained in regularly occupied areas?
31. Which of the following is not an effect of providing outdoor views?
32. What is the lowest rating offered by MERV?
33. What is the minimum MERV value that air filtering media must adhere to?
34. What of the following components is a not considered a salvaged material?
35. Which of the following is not a composite wood?
36. Which of the following should be avoided during scheduling in IAQ management in construction?
37. Which of the following activities should be prioritized the most?
38. If a material is reused from after deconstruction of a building, it is called
39.Which of the following is a pre-consumer waste material/product?
40. Which of the following certifications must recycled materials adhere to?
41. Which of the following is not a rapidly renewable material?
42. For air-conditioned buildings with built-up area less than 2000 sq. m., who can act as commissioning authority?
43. Which of the following is considered in handling of waste materials during construction for credit compliance?
44. Designing building walls with shallow floor plates will help in?
45. What is the application of heat recovery wheel in FAHU
46. How the capacity of rainwater harvesting pits are designed based on?
48. What of the following is not monitored by energy metering?
For designing a smoking room, the exhaust air louver/ duct should be located at a distance of at least _____ from building entry or fresh air intakes.
49. Which of these is NOT a basic amenity?
50. Device a plan to protect ducts and equipment by sealing openings to?
51. For ventilation in acceptable indoor air quality which standard is used?
52. Building material from NBC is which part?
53. Which quality standard of treated waste water of reuse during construction is used?
What is the maximum value of SRI for hardscape material?
55. For universal accessibility which standard is used?
56. Which standard is followed for carpets and carpet adhesives?
57. Baseline flow rates / consumption for plumbing fixtures is followed as per which of the following code?
58. NBC parking area guidelines are based on?
59. Which standard is used for basic facilities for construction workers?
60. Which guidelines is used for rain water harvesting?
61. The janitor rooms shall be maintained at a negative pressure of?
62. Hazards waste management guideline is provided by?
63. MERV is related with?
64. ECBC is applicable for?
65. NBC part 9 deals with?
66. Which of the following is not a feature of IGBC?
67. What is IGBC’s annual flagship event?
68. If a project faces difficulty in interpreting a mandatory requirement or credit, what is the last solution to undertake when all else fails?
69. What is the duration IGBC takes to review and report the decision of an appeal?
70. Which projects may apply for a Provisional certification?
71. What is the range of credit points for a building to qualify for a Gold certification for Green New Buildings?
72. What is the first rating programme developed in India developed for the residential sector?
73. What is not a feature of IGBC rating systems?
74. How many CIRs are answered without levying any fee?
75. IGBC Pre-certification is valid for ________.
76. If a project cannot achieved one of the mandatory requirement during the final review, council will _____ the rating.
77. IGBC Project boundary is-
78. The performance of a factory under IGBC Green Factory Buildings is measured by which number of categories?
79. Points for exemplary performance are awarded for?
80. Which credit and how many points are awarded to a project with IGBC AP as a principal design team member?
81. Which of the following statements is true?
82. What is a suitable way to prevent light pollution from upward lighting?
83. Which of the following is not a strategy to address storm water runoff?
84. Vegetation layers grown on top of roofs are called-
85. Which of the following will contribute to heat island effect?
86. What are the methods to reduce the use of portable water during construction?
87. Which of the following will help to control water consumption?
88. How does one maximize solar gain?
89. Which of the following CANNOT be considered for obtaining credit of landscape design?
90. Install entryway systems of minimum 2 meters in length, at all the building main entrances is a strategy to?
91. To improve indoor air quality in a building?
92. Which of the following strategy is NOT a passive architectural design feature?
93. Which strategy is suitable for minimising the exposure of building occupants to hazardous indoor and outdoor pollutants?
94. An effective method to minimize the storm water run-off from the site?
95. . Which of the following is a passive design technique for optimizing energy performance?
96. To reduce environmental impact associated with transportation and to support local economy?
97. Which of the following is not an active cooling/heating technology?
98. Which of the following is not a passive architecture?
99. How much percentage of existing trees should be preserved to earn point?
100. What is the appropriate distance above the finished floor level to achieve direct line of sight to vision to external views?
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