Energy Modeling using BIM – Part-2

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The Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Facilities Management (A/E/C/FM) industry is beginning to appreciate that technology can transform the building design and construction process with the increasing interest in the form of building information modeling. BIM offers the promise of a common information repository for all project participants. Now a day still we are preferring some alternate platforms to do the things which can be able to do in BIM. This article will describe how to utilize the data stored in a BIM with an example of energy analysis and modeling and illustrates how to utilize the information stored in BIM.

Energy Analysis In Autodesk Revit

energy modeling using bim

BIM provides us with a proper sustainable design because it helps to iteratively test, analyze and also improve design of building. This is called as Energy Modeling or Energy Simulation as it is called in Green Building Industry or Building Performance Analysis in BIM industry. BIM energy analysis tools helps to analysis the energy performance of a building. The analysis helps to know how a building will operate at certain criteria and a comparison can be done for different design alternatives.

The data input required for the energy analysis of the structure are:

  • The building geomentry
  • Orientation of the building
  • Information about the materials used and their thermal properties of construction elements.
  • Functional use of the building
  • Schedule for lighting, occupants and equipment
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system type
  • Location of the building.

The Revit model should have all the above inputs to prepare the accurate energy analysis. Before optimize the energy analysis check all the properties of building elements

Wall Properties:

Energy Settings

To open the Energy Settings dialog, click Analyze Tab Energy Analysis panel (Energy Settings). The dialog box appears as below, specify the building type, the ground plane. In energy setting the basic inputs for energy modeling like mode, ground plane and project phase are need to provide and for other option click edit the Advanced Energy setting dialog displays.

Energy model using dynamo

In advance setting need to provide the building data like building type, building operating schedule, HVAC system and outdoor Air information. Based on the building type

Work Flow Of Energy Optimization In Revit:

  • Location
  • Create Energy Model
  • Generate the results
  • Optimize Energy Performance

Specify The Location:

Click Analyze tab in Revit tool bar and    click location icon in the dialog, enter the project’s full address, or the closest city or town.

Available weather stations display in the map and in the left-hand list. In general, you should choose a weather station nearest to your location.

Create Energy Model:

One of the main advantage of using REVIT is that the building model can be directly used for the Energy Analysis, there is no need for create a special model as required in eQuest, VDOE or other conventional Energy Simulation tools

Prepare For Energy Analysis:

Click Analyze tab Energy Optimization panel (Generate)

energy modeling using bim

Once the model is ready, the model need to be sent to cloud for simulation

Optimize Building Energy:

To Optimize the building energy Click Analyze tab Energy Optimization panel (Optimize).

Insight 360 Dashboard:

The Insight 360 Dashboard is an interactive workspace that allows the user to compare the effects of different design scenarios without affecting the actual Revit model. Below is the Insight Dashboard for our model. Insight 360 may be accessed through the Revit Analysis tab, or online from the Insight 360 home page.

energy modeling using bim

In insight at top is the analytical model. The analytic model can be navigated, Zoomed and rotated the same as a Revit. In upper left corner display the result in Energy Cost mean

The first block gives the benchmark comparison between model and ASHRAE 90.1. Both the energy cost mean and benchmark comparison update simultaneously to any change in dashboard.

energy modeling using bim

Next block shows the model history it helps to tracks all the changes you have made to the energy analysis. It does not update in the Revit model.

energy modeling using bim

The rest of the blocks are interactive specification and ranges for the energy analysis. Our goal is to get green in the result. You will notice under each of the energy categories a short description and illustration, as well as a blue arrow in the upper right corner. Clicking this arrow flips the category block to show a range of available options. Clicking the arrow again flips it back to the illustration. Clicking anywhere on the chart opens a second dialog box that shows an active slider as well as the Energy Cost Mean value. The blue triangle indicates the value as modeled (BIM). The steeper the incline of the values, the more opportunity for potential savings. Moving the slider creates an immediate increase or decrease in the Energy Cost Mean Value. Closing the dialog box (the “X”) returns you to the dashboard.

energy modeling using bim

Notice in our example that to get the Energy Cost Mean to reduce, we had to change the Window-Wall Ratio to 65 % it reduce the Energy cost mean The key is finding the right combination of all of the factors to get as close as possible to green. Certain things (such as building orientation) may be difficult or impossible to adjust. After iteration no of scenarios generate the Comparison between different scenarios and discus with the team choose the feasible scenarios Because of increased energy codes, green building certification requirements, and generally being able to provide a better building for our clients. It helps to providing a better, more sustainable and environmentally responsible structure.

The AEC industry mainly concentration on the BIM to get integration between the different division in this industry by prepare the energy analysis in Revit increase the integration it increases our production and avoided the lack in the communication.

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