Converting 3D Laser Scan to Building Information Model step by step – Conserve Qatar

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As a part of our BIM Services to our clients in Qatar and to the global market, Conserve is working hard to leverage the capabilities of BIM. As a part of this effort, we are publishing a series of articles on BIM capabilities. In the earlier articles, we have discussed,

  1. Shading Simulation using BIM – Autodesk Revit
  2. Energy Modeling using BIM – Part-1
  3. Energy Modeling using BIM – Part-2

In this video, we will discuss how 3D Laser Scan image can be converted to a BIM model. At present we are using 3D Laser scan to prepare accurate as-built drawings which save enormous manpower and time. Nevertheless, the technology can be used for generating as-built drawings for existing buildings which has no drawing or poor as-built drawings.

The video covers:

  1. Point cloud extraction
  2. Registration
  3. Viewing and Cleaning
  4. Rendering
  5. Classification
  6. Auto Modeling
  7. Export and Import

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