Conserve water & energy in Qatar

Save Water

Conserve offers simple yet efficient water conservation solutions.

We are blessed to live in a country with 24 hours of safe water and electricity. All thanks to the Qatar government for making water and electricity favourable. Wherein some part of the world clean water and electricity is a luxury. In Qatar let us contribute in conserving water and energy, also making it easy on the wallet.

“Qatar National Vision 2030
Conserve water & energy in Qatar.”

Energy and water consumption have a comparable impact on the environment. Burning excess fuel and wasting water culminates in environmental pollution, depletion of fossil fuel, greenhouse gas emission, drought, etc…


Water Saving Aerators

Wash Basins / Kitchen Sinks

Old faucets and mixers swill 8 litres of water per minute, which is way more compared to its usage. Water-saving aerators reduce water wastage to a greater extent. A single step of swapping to water-saving aerators, we can conserve water on a large scale.

In Residential areas, 3-4 litres of water is adequate in washbasins for daily usage. Water-saving aerators in commercial areas can also reduce water consumption up to 2 litres per minute.

Toilet Tank Bank

Toilets expend a serious amount of water in buildings.

Older design toilets consume 10 to 15 litres of water per flush. KAHRAMAA dispenses over 6 litres of water for a single flush. We can reduce water wastage by using KAHRAMAA.

Reduce water consumption in every flush with toilet displacement bags.

Shower Aerator

Everybody enjoys a long hot shower.

Showers in Doha are fairly new that dispenses less than 8 litres of water per minute within the desired flow rate. Any showers with flow rates higher than 8 litres are suggested to install water-efficient showers.

Conserve Energy

Conventional light to LED light

Conserving energy is important since exploiting energy directly contributes to the depletion of fossil fuel.

Trading light fixtures for LED lamp or changing the entire fixture results in reducing significant wattage by 40% to 50%.

Air Conditioners

Air conditions in both residential and commercial buildings require regular maintence to avoid surge in energy bill.

An energy audit should be regulated for bigger central air conditioners.