“The course was really good with hands on experience in eQuest energy modelling. Concepts were explained as per ASHRAE standard requirements. All course contents including video sessions were shared on time. Extremely well-coordinated. I recommend this course to others who want to learn eQuest from basics.”

Chandan Sarkar | 15th November 2021

“It was a very good session. Course content is very clear and precise. Shared materials are very much useful. Thank you Conserve Solutions.”

Vikram Ravikumar | 16th November 2021

“Hi, I cleared my IGBC AP exam, thank you so much for your help and guidance, your notes and mock test were very much useful during the time of preparation.”

Swathi Lakshmi Selvam | 02nd October 2021

“I referred Conserve LEED Green Associate Made easy material to clear the exam. All concepts are well explained and also easily understandable. Highly recommended this course for students as well as working professionals to move one step forward towards sustainability professional.”

Deepak | 13th July 2021

“I am glad to inform you that, I cleared the Leed bd +c exam yesterday ,with a score of 180. I would like to thank you and your team for the comprehensive coaching materials and a wonderful collection of questions which contributed a lot in the actual exam. Thank you again.”

Sukrith | 09th April 2021

“It is my pleasure to inform you that, as per your study guide I was able to pass in the LEED Green Associate Exam. Now am looking for the same support in LEED AP BD+C. Thank you once again.”

Sundar Ramasamy | 02nd September 2020

I was already purchased GA exam material, And I score with 190 marks. Thanks for the well explained material prepared by Mr.Bazeeth.

Nantha Kumar | 14th May 2020

I learnt so much in Conserve Green Building and MEP solutions.Both the trainers kept the class more interesting and lively . It contains a very good mixture of theoretical and practical training. I am proud to be conservian.

G.M.Raja Gopal | OCT 30, 2018

Dear Green Building Academy, Yesterday I have Cleared my LEED AP BD+C Exam.Thanks a lot Specially Mr. Bazeeth for Preparing such a wonderful study material.(I have given exam with in 15 days) also Venkat for his Valuable Support and Guidance. Also waiting for LEED AP O+M online Study Material @ Mr. Bazeeth.

Shaikh Mudassir | AUG 17, 2018

​Hi Bazeeth, Last week (12 July ) I have cleared the LEED GREEN ASSOCIATE. Only one reason for doing this is you & the course material from green building academy. Thank you so much .. 💐💐💐 Now need your help & support for the LEED AP BD&C.

Raghu Muthukumar | Oman | JUL 20, 2018

Dear GBA team,
Thanks for putting up such concise, informative, exam oriented course and responding to questions and queries in due course, which helped me to pass the LEED GA Exam, scoring 194.

Mohammed Ibrahim Ali | JUN 04, 2018

Hi sir, I completely utilized your course material for Leed GA preparation and today I passed my exam with a score of 192. Thanks a lot for course material and it helped me a lot.

Aravindh | APR 11, 2018

Hi, Just I wanted to thank Green Building Academy about the useful course and great services. I have passed the exams today for LEED GA with score of 187. Thank you again and appreciating your help.

Abood kharroub | MAR 03, 2018

I wanted to thank Green Building Academy about the useful course and great services. I have passed the exams for LEED Green Associated with score of 187.course materials was great and really enough to pass the exam from the first time.Thank you again Green Building Academy and appreciating your help.

Abdullah Abu Kharroub | Metropolis Facades Inc. | Project Manager | MAR 03, 2018

I gave my LEED BD+C AP exam on 25th January 2018. I was able to pass it in my first attempt scoring 196. Thank you for the material -videos, notes and help provided by Green Building Academy. The explanations make it very easy to understand the large amount of syllabus. The questions are hard, which makes them great for practice to become better.

Aditi Bisen | FEB 24, 2018

Greenbuildingacademy.co is one of the best website as i have ever seen regarding Leed certificates.

Maneesh Kumar Shivhare | FEB 18, 2018

I would like to thank Mr. Bazeeth (Doha) and Mr. Arshad (Canada) of Green Building Academy thru 3 Folds and MMTI for the most comprehensive discussion and concise review materials I used that makes my LEED accreditation easier than expected. I took from LEED GA in early 2014 while I was in Doha, Qatar and got a score of 188 and recently my to LEED AP BD+C here in Vancouver last 6th January having score of 192. If I made it, you can make it too. Talk to these two wonderful guys!

Guel Climacosa | Senior Architect | Arab Engineering Bureau | JAN 26, 2018

The LEED Green Associate Made Easy was very helpful in providing me knowledge to help me pass at 198 rating in the Green Associate Exam last November 28, 2017. Thank you very much and more power!

Jay Ocampo | Regional Facilities Planner | Chevron Business and Real Estate Services | DEC 14, 2017

It is my pleasure to inform you that with your study guide I was able to pass in the LEED Green Associate exam at Prometric center in Qatar. Alhamdulillah! Your study guide was very helpful and I will recommend my colleagues to approach you if anybody is interested to go for LEED GA.


I am happy to share with you that I have passed my LEED GA exam on 20-09-2017 with a score of 187/200. I enrolled for the online course 3 months back. I have found the The study material & videos very useful for the preparation. It contains most the areas/topics asked in the exam. My full recommendation to LEED GA aspirants. Thank you very much.

Ajay Hazarika | Chicago Maninetnance & Construction, Dubai | QA QC Manager | OCT 5, 2017

I passed the Leed AP BD+C with 185/200 in three weeks. As a professional architectural designer with very limited time to study after work, I went through study material which is excellent and covered all the areas in appropriate details as required for the exam. Presentation videos and sample questions are helpfully for me to consolidate memory after first path. Going through whole study materials before test and understanding relationship between each credits makes me being confident. Thanks again for all study materials which makes it happen in such a short period!

Johnny | Architecture designer | OCT 4, 2017

Hello my name is Michael, I have subscribed to your program and found the content to be very useful. I have just recently wrote and passed my LEED AP BD+C. My study methods included reviewing the reference guide and Green Building Academy’s videos and study questions. I think the study questions were most helpful. I also liked the fact that explanations to wrong answers weren’t given as it forced me to re-read the reference guide to better understand the purpose behind the material. Thank you for putting this program together. Also would you have similar programs in place for LEED HOME and LEED O+M.

Michael Arduini | SEP 24, 2017

Dear Bazeeth sir, I have passed LEED GA exam with 4 weeks of preparation. online tutorials and Q&A helped me to pass this exam. I can recommend the materials provided by green building academy is worth for your money ,That was really helpful.Thanks for the people Mr.Rasu Velu, Mr.Venkat who was helping me to achieving this.

Muthuraja Arunachalam | BIM Engineer | Itech Management Consultancy,Doha,Qatar | SEP 16, 2017

I greatly appreciate your efforts for developing this course in a user-friendly manner. Three weeks back I was naïve to LEED certification programs, but I could pass both LEED green associate and LEED AP through your course work in 1st attempt. Last week I took the combined exam and scored 192 & 187 respectively. I wish you all the good in the future.

Sundeep | SEP 14, 2017

Dear Mr. Gafoor/ Mr. Bazeeth,  Yesterday, I appeared & cleared my LEED GA exam, Thank you for the guidance and endevour made throghout the course duration. The supplied study materials and sample questions provided in the www. greenbuildingacademy.co are sufficient to pass the exam.

Bimal Ojha | Technical Officer-Electrical | Hamad International Airport-Facilities Management | SEP 6, 2017

It was my dream to pass LEED AP(BD+C) which in deed I did it, My special thanks to my faculty Mr. Bazeeth Ahamed and Green Building Academy team. Basically LEED AP is a volatile subject so on regular bases self-studies is required. Most of them in Qatar are working class and it will be very difficult to study after work and to find ample of time to study. But the compiled study material provided by Mr. Bazeeth including his lecture classes helped me a lot in saving my time to scanned further material from google or other sources. Bottom line is that to stick with study material and lecture classes conducted by Green Building Academy.

Abdul Hannan | June 5, 2017

The course conducted for LEED GA was excellent and covered all the areas in sufficient details as required for the exam. It was the only material which I reference for the exam. I have just gone through your video presentation and all sample questions. And I am looking forward to get another level Leed AP BD+C. Thank you very much Team

Jibin V Mathews | Mechanical Engineer | Bluehaus Architetural and Engineering Consultant | May 26, 2017

Dear Mr. Bazeeth, Its my great pleasure to thank you for made myself easy to crack the LEED GA Version 4 exam with a score of 180/200.I have just gone through your video presentation and all sample questions in addition to your class room coaching. Thank you very much.

Shanmugam V | Project Engineer – HVAC | Trans Gulf International Electromechanical WLL, Doha Qatar | May 14, 2017

Yes, they are right. I scored 192 in LEED GA by just studying the course material offered by Green Building Academy. I thank entire team for helping me to achieve this.

karthik neethirajan | April 18, 2017

I passed Leed AP v4 190 /200,just by studying your materials l. I passed Leed GA 2009 two years back, the same way. Your notes are clearly defined and easy to study. I did start with a few foreign authors, but they are complicated and boring. I am very grateful to you Sir. Thank you so much. I am looking forward for the IGBC Materials as well.

Vaisakh.M.Santhosh | October 21, 2015



I have passed LEED Green Associate V4 exam on 17 Oct 2015 with a score of
192/200. I am writing this post to share my experience on the exam preparation.I have read few testimonials and found that what Ms Jamal Fathima wrote a year back worked best for me.

The basic building block of preparation was Green Building Academy’s LEED Green Associate Made Easy Materials. I think without this book, I would not have attempted this exam. After reviewing this material thoroughly and also listen to the audio version, and attempting and reviewing the end of the material exam, your 90% preparation is complete.

I am a working professional and took about one month to complete this preparation. The big question at this point to me was, what could be the standard of questions in final examination and how tricky they would be. Again, another question bothered me was, whether the preparation material I studied was enough or I need to do some more study than GBA Green Associate Made Easy Guide.

• Then I have remembered what Ms Fathima wrote in her blog and subscribed to
Green Building Education Services Q&A. I think these questions are good and they made you to think more than the direct questions you expect. They have a study guide, but one reading of that may be enough to just go through the contents.

• I have attempted these questions and consistently scored more than 80%. Same is the case with GBA’s end of the material tests. I feel these two tests are somewhat close to the content of the questions of final exam. So, once, you are able to score above 80% in all these tests you are more than ready to take the examination. I took about another 2 weeks to complete the GBES questions.

So I walked into the exam with a confidence, and I could complete 100 questions in 60 min. So I had another full sixty minutes for review. In the end I have in fact finished/ ended the exam 15 min before the scheduled time.

My scores are shown below:

LEED Process 81%
Integrative Strategies 75%
Location and Transportation 100%
sustainable Sites 86%
water Efficiency 100%
Energy and Atmosphere 90%
Materials and resources 100%
Indoor Environmental Quality 100%
Project Surroundings and Public Outreach 100%.

So in summary I recommend the following:

1. GBA’s Study material is a must. THIS IS THE FOUNDATION.
2. GBES Q & As are important to get the full ability and confidence to appear for the
3. Study time required for a working professional – approximately 6 weeks.
4. Study hours­ weekend’s maximum time and on weekdays, based on time
availability. I have used to listen to GBA’s audio recordings of Mr. K M Bazeeth Ahamed. I am really thankful to him to developing this wonderful study material.

Thank you and best of luck. If any of you want to know more,

you can mail me at sivaram.kuricheti@gmail.com
Col Siva Ram Kuricheti (Retd.),
Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, LEED Green AssociateS

SIVA RAM KURICHETI | October 1, 2015

Hello Team, I Passed my GA exam with 182/200 with your material being clear, concise and to the point, it helped me pass my GA with ease. your material and course work combined with your feedback and clarification made it way easier in a short period of time for me to pass GA. I would like to thank Balaji in particular who helped me clarify my doubts throughout my preparation period.you guys rock.

ishpreet minhas | August 2, 2015

Thanks to Green Building Academy! I passed the LEED GA exam with a score of 191/200 and I really like to thank Green Building Academy to help me achieving first tier of LEED Credential. Moreover, instructor­led training by Mr Arshad and their class notes & Quizzes where much precise to LEED GA exam requirements

Umar Zakaria | July 6, 2015

Hi All, I am pleased to inform you that I have attended the LEED GA exam and passed the exam with a score of 191/200. I would like to express my heart full thanks to Mr.ARSHAD SIDDIQUI for the supports he provided through a most competitive class room section and inspiration given for attending the exam. From my experience I would like to share some tips to those who are yet to appear the exam.

1. Study/read the Made easy hand book at least once from word to word.
2. Go through the slides at least 2 times word to word;letter to letter as nothing in the slides can be missed out.
3. Solve all the questions again and again. Mark the wrong one, go through the
descriptive answers given. It contains more idea and new words which we are not familiar with. Only resolving the questions can bring you success and you will get an idea about how the actual questions will be.
4. Try to solve the questions given after each chapter online in the website
5. Finally do the mock test online with the same spirit that you are appearing original exam. Better to take the mock test to just a day or two before your exam.

It’s based on my experience and I found it successful.

You may found some questions confusing on real exam, mark it and proceed to the next, probably you can get the answer for such questions from any other related questions. And 2 hour time is more than enough time. So no need to worry about the hard questions.

Wish you all Good luck.

Anoop Nair | July 5, 2015

I would like to thank all the team of green building academy for the continuous support and their very useful material that helped me to go through the LEED GA exam and record 189 in a period of four weeks of good study. I would really recommend them for anyone who would like to pass the exam with their useful material, continuous support and feedback and commitment to answer back your questions through the studying period.

Mona Ahmed | June 8, 2015

The “LEED GA” training program conducted by Mr. Arshad is very well structured and is based around the course material and strategies which needs to be adopted for preparing for the exam. I got everything out of this training which made me earn this credential in less than 06 weeks time (including training period). I would definitely recommend peers to go ahead for the training under Mr. Arshad’s guidance. My note of thanks for Mr. Bazeeth as well.

Neeraj Pandey | May 29, 2015

I have taken the Leed Green Associate Exam in April and am happy to say that I passed with a score of 189/200. The study material provided was very helpful especially the video lessons. It was very concise and helped me in brushing up the topics at the last minute.I want to specially mention word of thanks and appreciation for Mr. Bazeeth who was very prompt in his replies . Thanks to all the team members for their help.

Nirmala Samuel | May 28, 2015

I work in the NY/NJ area and I passed the LEED Green Associate exam on April 24,2015 with a score of 188. The LEED Green Associate Made Easy materials was my primary source of self study. I also used some flash cards from different source as well solved random exams online along the one provided in the materials. The LEED Green Associate Made Easy was very helpful as the main source but I also recommend to solve extra exams from different sources because very few things are not updated in the current materials. Also be ready for a tricky exam, so prepare well and Good Luck.

Maged T | April 28, 2015

I took the LEED GA Exam today and passed. I can honestly say that if it had not been for the constant review using your site & Study Materials, I don’t think I would have passed. Questions were spot on and the technique in asking the question prepared me for the intensity I faced. Once again, thanks and I will be recommending my friends to take this course.

Azharuddin Syed | April 20, 2015

The destination of LEED Credentials is Green Building Academy

Green building academy, Qatar is the destiny for attaining LEED GA / AP Credentials.With the limited available time for working professionals apart from their busy schedule, The Lecture of Mr. Bazeeth / Online Study guide / Online exam Q&A make the job easy to pass the examination. I have passed LEED GA with a score of 187/200 & the complete credit goes to Mr.Bazeeth.

Nirupan Kumar | April 18, 2015

I would like to present my thanks to my teacher whose name is Mr. Arshad. Just only by his teaching skills, I could succesfully pass the LEED GA exam without significant effort. Just 2­3 hours from his notes was enough. Here are my tips for the LEED GA exam takers

1. Dont worry about the score, try to understand the concept
2. Understand the terminologies used in LEED
3. Dont worry about time. You will have sufficient time

Leed process 69%
Integrative Strategies: 50%
Location and Transportation: 43%
Sustainable site: 100%
Water efficiency: 89%
Energy and atmosphere: 70%
Materials ad Resources: 67%
Indoor Environmental Quality: 78%
Project Surrounding and Public Outreach: 64%

In conclusion I would like to say, Scoring 170/200 is not difficult with LEED Green Associate Made easy. Hope Good luck to All

Osman Celikel | February 19, 2015 | TAV

Today I have passed my LEED G.A with 192/200 in my first attempt… I Prepared for exam only with Mr. Bazeeth’s study materials… As it’s named, they have made it really easy. Special thanks to Mr. Bazeeth, Mr. Arshad and Mr. Balaji…

Senthil Kumar S | February 15, 2015

Thanks a lot GBA team , I passed the exam in just 2 days of preparation and scored 184/200.Personal thanks to Bazeeth. Waiting for AP BD+C to start with.

Abhishek seth | Landmark group dubai | December 31, 2014

Dear GBA Team, I’ve passed my GA exam by first attempt with 189 points, using only your LEED GA Made Easy course. Thank you.

Joanna Irzyk | December 17, 2014

Very Good initiative started by Green building academy for helping aspirants to attend LEED certification. I would like to strongly state that I like the approach of Green building academy for helping aspirants to attend LEED certification and very much like the course content which is excellent for preparing for LEED GA examination.

Gaurang Talegaonkar | Lodha Developers Pvt Ltd | December 10, 2014

Time to say I m also a LEED Professional. ” Now it’s time to say I am also LEED professional”. Today( 05/12/2014) got cleared throught LEED Green Associate exam in my first attempt , just want to say thanks to Mr Bazeeth for this coaching classes and best video tutorials which I used to watch on regular basis and which helped me a lot to crack the exam… Looking ahead for LEED BD+C .

Naresh Kumar | Gulf Lights Electrical Engineering Lighting | December 5, 2014

Green Building Academy Study Material Very Useful. Hi, I recently passed LEED GA V4 with Green Building Academy’s study resources. The videos provided was very useful and made things to look very easy. Thank you very much for helping me out in passing the exam. I scored 178/200.

Viswanathan | Blue Crescent Engineering, Trading & Contracting W.L.L | December 4, 2014

Dear Sir, Today I passed the LEED GA Examination in my first attempt itself.I could get a score of 192. I referred the material provided by you only.Nothing more.Thank you Sir. Once again thank you for your timely support and guidance. I wish all the best for the academy.

FIROS | Arab Engineering Bureau | December 4, 2014

Passed the LEED GA with a Grade of 193/200. The course proved very useful. Thank you

H BJ | December 1, 2014

Dear Bazeeth Sir, Thank you for helping me to get LEED GA Accreditation (v4) . I was not expecting a score of 190/200.

Ranjith Sivaraman | Tadmur Roofs & Pools WLL | November 26, 2014

Hello, Mr.Bazeeth, Mr.Arshad, Mr.G.Balaji and the Green building academy, I would like to say thank you for providing such a useful material for LEED V4 GA. I would say your material is enough to pass this exam. There is no need to read any other stuff. Your exam material is so concise and to the point. It is very easy to understand too. Combination of videos, Audios, PDF and PowerPoint slides as well as sample exam is a very convenient approach. I have passed LEED V4 GA with 185 out of 200. Now I am looking forward for taking LEED AP, BD+C soon. I hope you will provide study materials for that as well.

Hemal Bharodia | November 18, 2014

It is with much gratitude that I would like to thank you for publishing your LEED Green Associate Made Easy study guide, and making it freely available to the public. Today, I took the LEED Green Associate Exam, and passed with a score of 189. Your guide was the primary source of studying I used for the exam. I don’t think I could have passed without it.

I was wanting to take a LEED exam, but had no LEED project experience. So I had to earn the entire LEED process myself from scratch. Your study guide really made it easy to grasp all of the concepts of how the rating system and prerequisites and credits work, as well as the important terminology. In the span of only two weeks, I was able to get a complete understanding of the material needed to pass the exam.

I took a few mock exams that I found on the internet. The real exam, for me, turned out to be easier than the mock ones. The mock exams had material that was not on the real exam or in your study guide. Now that I passed the Green Associate Exam, I am going to look into taking the BD+C exam. Hopefully, your organization has study material (whether free or for a paid fee) on the specialty exam.

I work for a large city agency in New York, and out of the 80 or so architects and engineers in my office, there’s only two people that I know of that have LEED credentials. So, now there’s three!

Again, thank you for your great study guide. I will give it to anyone else I know who is looking to take the LEED Green Associate Exam.

Jeffrey Ornstein | Brooklyn, New York | November 17, 2014

Your course material were very helpful to pass the exam of LEED GA Hope to start courses of LEED AP with you soon.

Amro Hussein | Shannon engineering | November 10, 2014

I have really enjoyed my studies in this course. I appreciate the colored study notes,the audio and video lessons, the quizes and preparation tests, and much more. After about 10 questions into exam, I realized that this study course was the perfect fit for me. I especially appreciate the affordability of the course, and look forward to many more. I am so excited to see what is next. Please keep in touch.

Joy Davis | November 16, 2014

Green Building Academy..very much encouraging. I passed the LEED Green Associate exam today with a score 186/200 on the first attempt, a special thanks to Mr.Bazeeth, Mr.Arshad, Mr.G.Balaji and the Green building academy for such a tremendous and comprehensive efforts in delivering the best study materials and video lectures in a professional way that really made it easy to understand, and i am looking forward to the LEED AP exam study materials. and thanks again to Mr.Bazeeth.

Mohamed elsayed mohamed abdelwahab | Tri Construction | November 6, 2014

I have passed the LEED GA Exam with a score of 191 out of 200.Thankyou for the great support from Mr Bazeeth and Green Building Academy for the support and materials


Hi, I have passed LEED Green Associate successfully & scored 178 out of 200 marks.Thanks a lot for MMTI, specially Mr. Bazeeth, who trained & help me for the preparation of LEEDGA exam.

Mushtaq Sadique Mohamed | White Young Qatar | October 8, 2014

Dear all, After long fight with LEED GA exam, today I passed my LEED V4 GA with 179/200. I heartly thanks to Mr. Bazeeth sir and his team for their very much support to me.His course material is very helpful to me to pass the exam.

siraj kapoor meeran | punjlloyd | September 26, 2014

Dear All, Greetings, Please be informed that I passed my LEED GA with 183/200. Thanks to Mr.Baazith and Mr.Arshad for your valuable guide and support to clear the exam.

Fakrudeen Mohamed | KEO | September 22, 2014

Material, practice test everything were too good. Hello, I recently passed LEED GA with 188/200 marks. Thank you so much mr Bazeeth and Green Building Academy for sharing his knowledge. Video lectures and practice exams helped me a lot. The material provided was excellent. Thank you

Nidhi Trivedi | September 14, 2014

Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Green Building Applications. I passed my LEED Green Associate Exam today, 9/12/14, with the score of 186/200. I went over the lectures, study guides, and exams provided multiple times and took the Sample Exams three times. The content at the Green Building Academy was adequate in helping me pass this exam. Thank you for the lecturers and teachers here at GBA!

Dawen Tsien | Bay Area Energy Group | September 13, 2014

Just Passed LEED v4 GA exam , Scored 182/200, Special Thanks to Mr. Arshad for his lectures. Materials available in Green Building Academy along with the lectures would be more than enough to pass the exam. Good Luck to all..

Ahmed H. Abushanab | September 11, 2014

I was more motivated to pursue LEED credential when I attended the LEED Green Associate classroom course in MMTI Doha. The course was very very useful. Having work at the same time it took me 3 weeks to review. Today I took the exam and passed with a score of 188/200 score. Thank you MMTI & Mr. Bazeeth for your support and guidance.

Gavino Tabuzo | KEO | September 10, 2014

Thanks for your support through your lectures and email reminders. I did my LEED GA exam today (3rd Sep 2014)and i passed with 184/200 Looking forward for your advise on next step

Kenade | September 9, 2014

passed my LEED GA exam successfully with score of 178. I read only for 35 hrs, along with my job where i am really busy for the entire month in which my examination was.I thank Green Building Academy a lot for for uploading and sharing such kind of reading content.

Pallav Mistry | September 2, 2014

Couple of weeks back I passed LEED GA Exam with good score, Mr. Bazeeth lecture on each and every topic was very informative and well presented. The LEED Green Associate made easy guide is the best for LEED exam preparation so far.My sincere gratitude to Mr. Bazeeth.

R. Jayaravindran | August 21, 2014

Used only GBA study Materials for the preparation of LEED v4 GA and passed with a score of 193/200.. Excited.. Am sure guys, the resources with GBA is enough to crack the LEED GA v4 exam with best score..

Naveen Raj | Building Services Engineer | August 20, 2014

Thanks to Green Building Academy and thanks to Mr BAZEETH AHAMED to encourage me to go for LEED AP four weeks ago, it was difficult but I was able to beat the deadline for the version 3 today and pass it. I Just used the slides and the audio study guide I got from a friend. Again thanks a million.

Belete Belhu | June 15, 2014

Thanks to Green Building Academy, I brought LEED Green Associate Made Easy v4 course online and by just watching the lecture videos and reading the material they provided I cleared my Green Associate v4 Exam with 194/200 in first attempt. Thanks you very much GBA team for providing wonderful and concise material.

Madana Vasantha | BESTECH | August 20, 2014

Thanks for all the help, you guys are the best

I am happy to have discovered you guys when i was hunting for a training group, I called up GreenbuildingAcademy and was connected to Balaji, he patiently answered all my questions, and guided me thru the process. The way he answered the questions made me choose this academy. I signed up, downloaded the materials and was constantly interacting with the folks. Mr.Bazeeth, has done an extremely good job in getting this course completely exam centric. After all the online sessions and sample exam, I knew I was going to crack the exam easily, I was so confident that I gave up studying the last couple of days before the exam 🙂 I am glad I came to your institute, wish everyone lots of success

Jai | Consultant | June 18, 2014

Thanks to Green Building Academy and thanks to Mr BAZEETH AHAMED to encourage me to go for LEED AP four weeks ago, it was difficult but I was able to beat the deadline for the version 3 today and pass it. I Just used the slides and the audio study guide I got from a friend. Again thanks a million.

Belete Belhu | June 15, 2014

I have passed the LEED AP BD+C using the GBA study materials only. They are comprehensive and cover all you need to know to pass the exams. Thanks to all the GBA team.

Sadiq Gulma | June 11, 2014

Today I took LEED AP (BD+C) and passed with a score of 177/200.Thanks to Mr.Bazeeth for the support & valuable study resources .

Noma Sathyan | June 11, 2014

The course conducted for LEED AP (BD+C) was excellent and covered all the areas insufficient details as required for the exam. It was the only material which I reference for the exam and I was able to score 192 on my first attempt.

Dessy Philip | MSCEB Bahrain | May 19, 2014

I passed the green associate exam last week with score of 180. the study materials provided is enough to Pass the exam. i only studied the materials provided by green building academy. Its very useful. The materials exactly meets the green associate exam content.

Manojpradeep Subbaiyan | Ignesis Consultants pvt ltd | May 19, 2014

I just passed the LEED Green Associate exam on may ( 05/05/14) with a score of 190 on the first try,thanks to the LEED Green Associate Made Easy Course. The study guides, videos, chapter questions, and practice exams helped to review the material several times. I am grateful for this affordable and effective course. To tell the truth, I was a little skeptical when I read the testimonial of 190 and above pass score, But now I am a believer and one of them. Thank you! very much

Belete Belhu | Student | May 6, 2014

I have passed the LEED AP BD+C examination today, thanks for your comprehensive coaching.

Ossama elbeheiry | May 2, 2014

I have passed the LEED AP BD+C examination today, thanks for your comprehensive coaching.

Ossama elbeheiry | May 2, 2014

If I could pass the LEED GA exam only with the help of the study guide, slides & videos, etc. and just 1 sample exam, it actually shows how precise (to the point) and simple (to understand) the entire course content has been beautifully summarized by Mr. Bazeeth and the Green Building Academy. They are really serious into it and I recommend this to anyone who is serious about LEED.

Prasun George Tharakan | KEO International Consultants | May 1, 2014

Green Building Academy’s study guide is a complete package and helped me to pass my Green Associate Exam. Thanks a lot for your support Mr. Bazeeth.

Imran Khan | Contrack | April 21, 2014

Very comprehensive & practical study materials. Green Building Academy’s study guide and other contents including audio and video presentations along with other sources helped me to pass my Green Associate Exam.

Mohammed Ahmed Ali Khan | Al Wasl Al Jadeed Consultants | April 14, 2014

I got through the LEED Green Associate Exam with a score of 193 recently. Thanks to Mr. Bazeeth for his interactive training that helped me understand the core concepts of LEED. For preparing for the exam, I found the study guide LEED GA made easy, handouts, access to resources (Hand outs, Sample Online Q & A, etc) in Green building Academy to be very useful. I would highly recommend anybody who wish to take up this exam to undergo training with Green Building Academy.

G.Prabhakaran | Arabian MEP Contracting Co. Doha, Qatar | April 7, 2014

Passed LEED Green Associate with only 10 days of preparation. I just passed LEED GA with score of 180. I really appreciate Mr. Bazeeth’s efforts in making LEED GA damn easy and believe me I had subscribed to this course just 10 days back. In these 10 days I have studied the guide once and watched videos and practiced 3 sample tests twice. It helped me lot to crack this exam just like that……kudos to Bazeeth.

Mansoor Mohammed | April 11, 2014

The course content and the lectures by Mr. Bazeeth are enough to get through LEED Green Associate Examination. I depended completely on the online content to obtain the Green Associate credentials in my first attempt itself. I strongly recommend the course offered by the website for LEED Green associate V3.

Qaseem Ali Khan | WS ATKINS | March 30, 2014

I just cleared LEED GA,and im very impressed with the study material,as i was going through the questions each presentation just came into mind,and it was very easy to eliminate the wrong answers.Being a new mom,studying was very very difficult,but this concise capsule form of lot of info was very helpful and i could complete preparation within a week, Thank you sir and also a thanks to the team behind this academy.

Anetta Thomas | February 8, 2014

Endeavor towards Sustainability ! I have scored 194 in the LEED Green Associate exam. The course material, specially the video lectures taught by Mr. Bazeeth were just tremendously articulated. The Green Associate Made Easy course really has gone with its name ! Thanks to Mr.Bazeeth and team for their support and guidance.

Mayur Mukati | B.E. (Hons.) ChemicalBITS Pilani, Pilani Campus | January 15, 2014

I just passed the LEED Green Associate exam with a score of 197 on the first try thanks to the LEED Green Associate Made Easy Course. I had another study course, but I found this one to be most effective in getting the information into my head. The study guides, videos, chapter questions, and practice exams helped to review the material several times. The forum allowed me to ask questions to Bazeeth Ahamed, which he answered promptly. I am grateful for this affordable and effective course. Thank you!

Tinynrg | February 7, 2014